Brad Martin

We are proud to be honoring Brad Martin this year with our "Innovator of the Industry" award.


Brad Martin

Former CEO of Proffitt’s Department Store, Inc.

The honoree for this year’s event will be Proffitt’s department stores as we celebrate the company’s centennial anniversary and Mr. Brad Martin, who is our Innovator of the Industry!

Mr. Martin was Tennessee’s youngest representative, in the state’s history, elected to office, and he served as the University President of the University of Memphis. Additionally, Brad was the intellectual architect which drove the Proffitt’s team to the forefront of the retail industry.

Brad was the CEO of Proffitt’s when he and the company acquired a myriad of department stores around the country such as Parisians, Herberger’s, Carson-Pirie Scott and others. The acquisitions provided SAKS, Inc., with a strategic edge in that the firm offered retail items in both the luxury department stores/retailer (SAKS) and the moderately priced department stores/retailers such as Proffitt’s, Parisian’s, etc.

Brad is a captivating individual, and we cannot wait for you to meet him during this year’s event!